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REN-tur til Washington DC og omegn

14.-18. oktober


Om Washington


  • Government is the largest industry
  • 1 000 000 people with batchelor degres
  • 500 000 people with graduate degrees
  • 2.7% of the population has a Ph.D.
  • 20% of the people live below the poverty line
  • 1/3 are functional analphabets



Mobile Learning

Heather Katz (VP, Computer Technology Services) and Mike Gillies (President, Naois Corp.)


Some recent numbers


  • 2006: 2 bill mobile subscribers 1  bill with web access
  • 2008: 975 new enhanced mobile phones will ship
  • E-learning Guild. The eLearning Guild is a member-driven online information center and Community of Practice where anyone involved in the design, development, and management of web-based educational or instructional content (e-Learning) can identify and access resources needed to ensure that their organizations' projects are successful, engage in a professional peer network, and focus on expanding their own professional skills, knowledge, and expertise.



Intro to mobile learning

  • Anywhere, anytime, always on
  • Feedback and tracking (altså ikke bare distribusjon)
    • A problem with podcasting is that it can’t be tracked for access, scoring etc.
  • Mobile learning is where computer based learning was 5 years ago:
    • Problems with screen size
    • Problems with band widht
    • Problems with standards (software that runs on one phone doean't on another)



Hot Lava Software

  • Designs
  • Publishes (in different formats)
  • Tracks
  • Exports to LMS
  • Templates for students to create their own learning aids
    • This is being teste don Ph. D. students, but could be done on any level as learners are given the opportunity to direct and design their own learning.



Successful mLearning Design

  • Technical conciderations: Lowest common denominator -> a real challange
  • Understand the technical realities
  • Skills to think outside the box to develop excellent content on a device with constraining technological specifications
  • The environment is highly unpredictable (lighting, space, web access, security...)





(Karl Engkvist, Senior Vice President of International Strategy and Operations)



  • 850 employees
  • 3400 subscribers in 60 countries
  • 2 goals: engage & assess
    • engage in personal, classroom, campus, global and lifelong learning
    • assess the institution, program, course, individual
  • Blackboard Academic Suite:
    • Blackboard     Learning System (LMS)
    • ”         Community System
    • ”        Content System (Holder orden på innhold)
    • ”        Outcomes System (Comparison between programmes)
  • Web services
    • Developers network (Blackboard Buildingblocks open APIs)
    • Course Content Catalogue with content from all major providors of digital text books
    • Blackboard Scholar is a community driven research resourse
    • SaveAssign plagiatkontroll
  • Supports
    • IMS
    • SCORM
    • Section 508
  • Future Product Themes
    • For students:
  • Rating (students rating students, papers, comments...)
  • Individual learning spaces (ePortfolio) which can be downloaded after graduation or can be built on forther if the university supports it
  • Integration with other popular online systems (creating a Facebook app and working on importin photo streams from Flickr
  • Check which students are inactive, concistently late, way ahead of the class, ect.
  • Internasjonal trends
    • More testing
    • Customized learning environments  



George Mason University

Fairfax, Maryland


Next level e-Learning: From Increasing Adoption to Increasing Effectiveness

Sharon P. Pitt



  • Dette vare en dyktig dame i Jons stilling med mange erfaringer og meninger om nettstøtte campuslæring
  • Curriculum deelopement
    • Pedagogy first, emphasis on learning
  • Communication
    • Multiple feedback channels
    • Share facts as well as anecdotes
    • Balance between top-down and bottom-up
    • Share data on achievements (dette kan være en tie-in for oss til InterMedia)
  • Programme: Technology accross the curriculum, received award from EDUCAUSE
  • Assessment
    • Course level
    • Program level
    • Institutional level
  • Learning technology portfolio key factors
    • Robust and reliable
    • Modular and extendable



Open Source Learning Technology

Dr. Shahron Williams van Rooji


  • Vendor mergers and aquisitions (ex: Blackboard) have scared many insitutions of higher education
  • No clear models for Cost of ownership, either for OS or commersial software
  • There exists commercial services for technical support, but not for pedagogical implementation



SCORM in Training and Education


Paul Jesukiewiczs, Advanced Distributed Learning


  • ADL is a US Department of Defence programme
  • Scorm is funded by ALD, and consequently by DoD
  • CORDRA is an ADL repository



Using Digital Storytelling and Gaming

Kevin Clark


  • When, if you ask a computer a yes or no question, it answers ”This reminds me of a story”, then you are well on your way to creating artificial intelligence. This is because people often organize their thinking around stories
  • Digital storytelling
    • Point of view
    • Dramatic question
    • Emotional content
    • Voice
    • Sound/music
    • Pacing
    • Economy
  • Center for storytelling (Stanford) Storycenter.org
  • Storymapping.org
  • Storiesforchange.net
  • Mapbuilder.net
  • Wayfearing.com
  • I-10 witness project



Lockheed Martin

Bethesda, Maryland


Education & Training at LM

Steve Williams

•    140 000 ansatte

o    70 000 scientists (hiring 5% of newly educated engeneers in the US every year)

o    25 000 IT professionals

•    The world’s largest defens tech company

•    Great need for fresh knowledge

•    Recognized as an ideal employer and best place to start a carreer

•    Core Market: IT

o    Defence & Intellogence

o    Homeland Security

o    Government

•    Sales

o    International 14%

o    Defence 57%

o    Homeland Security 29%

•    Products

o    Fighter planes

o    Transport planes

o    Frigates (Fridtjof Nansen F310 via Ferrol, Spania)

o    Weapons

o    Nuclear weapons

o    Finger print technology

o    Desease control technology

o    Spacecraft technology

o    Information systems

o    Air traffick control

o    Peacekeeping (refugee camps in Darfur)

o    Nation Building

o    ...


Learning at Lockheed Martin

David E. Potts, Director of Planning & Analysis

•    Creating a high performance culture  that will enable us to learn, grow and lead others toward the relentless pursuit of excellence

•    Striving to create a learning organization in which the employees value further education and feel responsible for their own training

•    Full spwctrum leadership

o    Shape the future

o    Build effective relationships

o    Energize the team

o    Deliver results

o    Modell personal excellence

•    Avenues of learning

o    Learning on the job

o    Learning through others: mentors, coaches, role modelds

o    Learning through education: Helping pay tuition for employees who seek new competences

•    Extensive onlune training programme

o    Do what’s right, respect others, perform with excellence

o    8000 courses

•    business conduct compliance

•    ethics and diversity (after bringing down a foreign government)

•    ...


Service-Based Training Privision

Robert Dixon, Simulation, Training and Support


•    Provide pilot training where the cost of buying the training aircraft is amortized over 20-25 years (provides all Army, Navy and Air Force pilot training for Ministry of Defence, UK and all pilot training for Singapore out of air bases in Australia)

o    There’s no capaital outlet for aquisition

o    Long term contract

o    Predictable costs

o    Focus on the training system rather than the elements of training

•    Each student receives a laptop with the training software to learn whenever, whereever. The system tracks scores and progress

•    Electronic classrooms (E.g. Florida, Singapore, Austrtalia)

•    Training Need Analyses procedes the entire process



Robert Smith School and Center for Human Capital, Innovation and Technology


Theoretical modell for e-learning research

Karen Wouters


•    E-learning = a specific mode of technology supported distance edulation

o    Moore (1991): Percieved transactional distance: Communication and psychological gap in adition to the geographical separation.

•    Learner-instructor dimention

•    Learner learner

•    Learner-instructional materials

o    More forgot informational value...


Practiceware for developing leaders’ people skills

Thomas Parkinson


•    SimuLearn Inc.: vLeader

•    Practice and apply skills and styles

•    Blended learning because the distributed single learner self paced modell didn’t work

•    Case studies at simulearn.net: West Point, Verizon ...



Gaming, simulations and the importance of reaching the affective domain

David Versaw, Will Interactive


•    Domains of learning

o    Psycho-motor (physical skills, coordination, manipulation)

o    Cognitive (information, logic...)

o    Affective (emotions, feelings...)

•    Video in stead of animation helps convey the affective aspects of decitions

•    The first time people play a training simulation, they try to get it right, the second time, they maake mistakes on purpose to see the consequenses

•    The best, most expensive stuff is developed for the Military

•    Students are changing (Learn by Doing: Clark Aldrich)

o    They crave interaction and personalization

o    They are highly visual

o    They are problem solvers

o    They are often adverse to reading

o    They want more material in less time


Defence Aquisitions University and the Engaged Learner

Dr. J. Robert Ainsley, Director, e-Learning & Technologies Center


•    Nettbaserte kortspill for å trene desicion making etc.

•    Virtual worlds to enhance global collaboration

•    Moving into mLearning






Death by Powerpoint!


To avoid it, remember:

•    Don’t try to tell a long story in a short time.

o    Select a story that will repesent what you want to tell or which is a fair extract of your total content

•    Make a few interesting points that your audience will remember. Be narrative!

•    Forget your large detailed figures and matrixes.



•    Husk at alle er samlet og lytter når du ønsker velkommen og gir praktisk informasjon

•    Vær sjenerøs med pauser

•    Gi ut e-postadresser

•    Panelistene frem foran publikum under spørsmålsrunden

•    Tilby en minglemulighet etterpå – lunch, middag, cocktails...

•    Husk snute og hale på sesjoner for sesjonen – velkomst, takk og avskjed


Vil vi ha navnelapper på konferansen og vil speakers og sesjonssjefer ha navnelapper som skiller seg ut?



Person Kevin Clark
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